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SpatialStream™ Industry Solutions

There's no denying it - online mapping and location technologies are hot. Companies are now looking to embed maps in their business, government, and consumer applications so they too can leverage mapping's advantages in integrating, accessing, analyzing, and visualizing data. While the benefits of spatial technology are widely recognized, developing robust mapping applications that are user-friendly is still a major challenge.

SpatialStream: Dynamic Heat Maps
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SpatialStream™ was designed to make it far easier to bring a robust and intuitive mapping application to market by eliminating the need for developers to build an extensive GIS knowledge base. The SpatialStream™ development platform offers developers access to a high performance spatial back-end, key location data sets, mapping features, and data visualization solutions.

Because the implementation of location technology is highly dependent on how it will be used, SpatialStream™ offers solutions tailored to industries' unique location needs. The SpatialStream™ Solution Sets are intended to offer you a high level view of common mapping and geo-data needs for your market segment, and provide you with a roadmap to successfully integrate mapping into your application.

Industry Solution Sets

Multiple Listing Service Solutions
Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) are challenged with providing data and technology to help brokers and agents best serve their customers. The SpatialStream™ MLS Solution Set comprises a host of mapping and data solutions to provide a turn-key solution for MLSs to spatially enable their organizations, members, and consumer facing sites. Learn More >>
Nationwide Parcel Boundary Data
ParcelStream™ is a nationwide parcel boundary solution that bundles access to nearly 120 million nationwide parcel boundaries with mapping display technologies. Display parcel boundaries in 7 lines of code! Learn More >>