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SpatialStream™ Data Solution: Parcel Level Geocodes

Today’s mapping applications, geospatial systems, and business analysis require a high degree of precision. Because parcel data is the ultimate source of a property’s location and its physical characteristics, it significantly enhances the accuracy and context of location technologies. Parcel-centroid geocoding improves location accuracy, data linking, and spatial analysis and is becoming the standard across a wide variety of industries.

With SpatialStream™ you can Geocode an address and return a Parcel Centroid latitude/longitude result. The SpatialStream™ Geocode service can be used interactively within your web application or can be used to generate a result you can store in your database for use in subsequent spatial queries and display.These geocoding features are available through an easily implemented REST service or as an onsite delivery.

Parcel Level Geocodes vs. Street Centerline Geocodes
Parcel Level Geocodes

  Key Features:

  • Parcel Centroid Result
  • Nationwide coverage, updated continuously
  • Access through easy to integrate web services or onsite delivery. Works in a client/server or server/server environment.
  • Access the underlying parcel geometry with the web service for more precise spatial analytics
  • Web service supports custom geocode layers (e.g. your proprietary geocode locations)
  • Return multiple data requests from linked data with a single geocode call

Key Uses:

  • Geocode a location to a Parcel Centroid
  • Store the Parcel Centroid in your database for future query and display
  • Link to other datasets within your account to return information about that property in a single call
  • Couple parcel geocode with parcel boundaries for enhanced spatial analysis
  • Enhance your current geocoder with Parcel Level Centroids
Use to add info directly on the property
Property Level Precision

Reliable and current geodata is the new expectation for today's location technologies. Click on the links below to learn more about how SpatialStream™ can help you add valuable data to your mapping application.

More Information:

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