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SpatialStream™ Data Solution: Points of Interest

As the use of location technologies shifts away from answering the simple question of, "Where am I?" to the more complex question of "Where am I in relation to everything else?" POI data becomes a critical component to completing the location picture. Today’s users of search and real estate sites want to know what restaurants, businesses, attractions, public services, and retail surround them, whether they’re exploring a new destination, buying a home, analyzing real estate development opportunities, or selecting a new retail site. The SpatialStream™ Content Library makes it easy to integrate industry leading Points of Interest data into your location searches and mapping applications so you can deliver on users’ expectations for a complete local picture.

With SpatialStream™ you can incorporate nationwide Points of Interest data to your location search and map displays in mere minutes. Integration through SpatialStream™ web services is simple and easy, and you’re relieved of time consuming data maintenance and update tasks. Points of Interest, as with all SpatialStream™ data, are optimized for rapid performance over the web and offer numerous query and display customizations to meet the unique needs of your application.

Points of Interest Display
Settings to control the size, color and symbol

  Key Features:

  • Nationwide coverage, updated quarterly
  • Over 7 Million POIs Nationwide
  • 12 Macro Categories, 104 Feature Categories, 500+ Sub Feature Categories
  • Filter/Query based on any of the three categories above including Company and Brand Name
  • No data hosting, maintenance or updates required
  • Control over symbol icon, color and size

Key Uses:

  • Display on maps to give local context to targeted property or destination searches
  • Use to search for businesses and amenities by category or subcategory
  • Run specific business searches by brand and display results on the map
  • Create a neighborhood report showing key surrounding businesses, parks, restaurants, public services, and more
  • Display Points of Interest detail information: address, phone, web address, brand, and company name
Points of Interest Identify
Display Points of Interest on a map and control the size, color and type of icons used

Reliable and current geodata is the new expectation for today's location technologies. Click on the links below to learn more about how SpatialStream™ can help you add valuable data to your mapping application.

More Information:

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