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SpatialStream™ Data Solution: FEMA Flood Data

Given flooding is the #1 natural disaster we face today it is important to consider flood risk in property decisions. Flood data is a foundation data set for property analytics and spatial modeling. It is also used for disaster planning and response, in determining property insurance, and as initial due diligence on property purchase and development decisions. Flood data is an essential location data set for property related applications and analysis.

With SpatialStream™, you can add nationwide DFIRM Flood data to your interactive map application or GIS system in mere minutes, and use these layers for advanced mapping functions such as spatial queries and map-based information retrieval. Alternately, you can utilize DMP’s automate flood service providing affected property query results at the parcel level. Integration through the SpatialStream™ web service is simple and easy, and you're relieved of data maintenance and update tasks.

FEMA Flood Determination
In a single call, obtain a property's flood designation and FIRM Panel information

  Key Features:

  • DFIRM and FIRM Panel sourced from FEMA
  • Nationwide coverage, updated nightly
  • Accessible through easy to integrate web services or onsite delivery
  • Service to query flood layer at parcel level
  • Option to use entire parcel boundary
  • Optimized for rapid display in web mapping applications
  • Includes web service to return in/out result for 100-year flood zone

Key Uses:

  • Determine whether a location is in or out of a 100 year flood zone
  • Use in disaster planning and response, flood risk management, insurance, and disclosure reporting
  • Display with related property data in mapping applications for a more complete property profile
  • Combine with other geodata sets for spatial analytics and modeling
  • Determine flood designation with parcel level accuracy
FEMA DFIRM flood layer dsiplay
FEMA flood layer map dsiplay

More Information:

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