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SpatialStream™ Data Solution: Demographics

Demographic data lends significant insights into lifestyle factors and business viability of an area and is a must-have data set for any mapping application or location based analysis. Whether included in a report, displayed on a map, or used as search criteria, demographics form the foundation for local information. The SpatialStream™ Content Library make it easy to integrate a complete set of demographic data into your location searches and mapping applications so you can deliver on users' expectations for rich local data.

With SpatialStream™ you can add nationwide Demographic data to your location application in mere minutes, and use it for advanced mapping functions such as spatial queries and map-based information. Integration through SpatialStream™ web services is simple and easy, and you're relieved of data maintenance and update tasks. Our demographic layers, as with all SpatialStream™ data, are optimized for rapid performance over the web and offer numerous query and display customizations to meet the unique needs of your application. Demographics available through SpatialStream™ can also be easily combined with other SpatialStream™ content for a fully integrated mapping experience.

Demographics Display
Create thematic maps using any available demographic field

  Key Features:

  • Nationwide coverage, updated quarterly
  • Census 2010 data including: population, households, housing, income, retail sales and expenditures, quality of life
  • Includes web services for map display and spatial query
  • Optimized for web-based map display and query
  • No data hosting, maintenance or updates required on your end

Key Uses:

  • Summarize demographic data in reports such as site profile, neighborhood, or target customer
  • Create and display interactive demographic trend maps
  • Create interactive graphs of demographic trends
  • In a single call, return demographic data along with related layers' data
  • Search for and return map results meeting demographic criteria
Demographics Thematic Maps
2010 Retail Sales mapped by census block group

Reliable and current geodata is the new expectation for today's location technologies. Click on the links below to learn more about how SpatialStream™ can help you add valuable data to your mapping application.

More Information:

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