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SpatialStream™ Data Solution: Census Boundaries

Census Boundary data is ideal for spatially enabling and displaying demographic data, a must-have for mapping solutions today. The SpatialStream™ Content Library makes it easy to integrate census tract, block group, and block boundaries into your spatial application and link those boundaries to demographic or custom data.

With SpatialStream™ you can add nationwide census boundaries in mere minutes, and use them for advanced mapping functions such as data aggregation, trend mapping, and data linking. Integration through the SpatialStream™ web services is simple and easy, and you're relieved of data maintenance and update tasks.

Add census boundaries to your mapping application for interactivity.
Add census boundaries to your mapping application for interactivity

  Key Features:

  • Includes: tract, block group, and block boundaries. Unique IDs to link boundaries to demographic data
  • Nationwide coverage, updated twice yearly
  • Access through easy to integrate web services
  • No data hosting, maintenance or updates required on your end
  • Web services for display, adding interactivity, and linking to related data sets
  • Web services optimized for high performance over the web

Key Uses:

  • Link to demographic data sets
  • Create dynamic trend maps with demographic data
  • Map-based information retrieval and interactivity
  • Link to related government datasets
Create thematic maps with census boundary data and demographics.
Create thematic maps with demographic data. Median value of homes shown above.

Reliable and current geodata is the new expectation for today's location technologies. Click on the links below to learn more about how SpatialStream™ can help you add valuable data to your mapping application.

More Information:

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