Digital Map Products Webinar: The Cloud Revolution
What's Next for Cloud GIS & How Cities Benefit

In the past year we’ve seen Cloud Computing come on the scene in a big way, revolutionizing how local government implements and uses technology. GIS has especially benefited, as the cloud removes many of its traditional challenges, making it more affordable, faster to deploy, more widely available, and easier to use. The cloud revolution is here and Cloud GIS is a must-have technology for cities of all sizes.

In this educational webinar we cover the newest trends and capabilities of Cloud GIS, highlight its benefits for cities, and show you how to get started.

   Watch this valuable webinar to learn how this revolutionary technology can benefit cities

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    Event Details:

    • Date Recorded: Wednesday, Feb. 23rd, 2011
    • Duration: 1 hour

    Event Highlights:

    • Recent trends in Cloud GIS
    • Benefits of the SaaS Model
    • New capabilities available with Cloud GIS
    • What Cloud GIS means for cities & how to leverage it